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Saturday, 8th Feb, 2014, approx. 10:00am (first event)

Ferry Dusika-Hallenstadion, Engerthstraße 267-269, A-1020 Wien (Citymap)

All details regarding online entries can be found by clicking on "Entry".

Entry Fee
If you are properly registered by 1st Feb, 2014 (11:00am), the fee will be €10,00 per event (seniors).
Specific U14/16 events will be € 6,00 per event.

Pick-Up of BIBs
Latest 60min. before the start of the specific event. BIBs have to be picked-up in the marked area at the main entrance. Prior to pick-up, all entry fees have to be paid in cash at a specifically marked counter.

Personal Confirmation of Attendance
Every athlete has to confirm his attendance personally, latest 60min. prior to his event. Special care has to be taken, to confirm the possible attendance of multiple events(if necessary!). There will be no exceptions, as start lists and lane assignments will be seeded and printed then!

Call Room
Personal confirmation (see above) is used instead of a call room. It is the athlete's responsibility to show up at the event in time, after having confirmed his attendance. A deregistration has to be done as early as possible.

Infield Access
Due to liability issues, only athletes with their BIB attatched, are allowed to access the infield. Checks will be done at all entries. The competition area and infield has to be exited after the event. Please do not step on the wooden bike track with spikes. No infield-coaching

Age Groups
If not otherwise indicated (e.g. U14/U18), only one age group (seniors) will be assessed.

Award ceremonies will be held immediately after the end of the respective event.

Warm-up Areas

Warm-up is not allowed in the infield area during the whole event. Athletes can use all other areas of the stadium, as well as a seperate warm-up area, inside. Warm-up is also possible outdoors, during the whole time.

ALGE-timing photofinish, IAAF-certified.




The Vienna Indoor Gala 2014, as well as the Ferry Dusika Hallenstadion, declines all kind of legal responsiblity for any kind of theft, harm, or bodily injuries. By registering for the event, the athlete confirms that he has the required physical fitness to compete and has been medically released by a physician. All athletes have to have proper insurance