February 2nd, 2019
February 2nd, 2019

Vienna Indoor Gala

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General information can be found under the "Invitation“ tab. To make yourself familiar with the events hosted in 2019, please check out „Timetable“.

Do you want to „sign up“ to participate? Or just hunt around in last years‘ results? Find out more about our „partners“ for 2019, as well as how to best get in „contact“ with us!


All important information about the ASVÖ Vienna Indoor Gala 2019.


Saturday, February 2nd, 2019
first event will start around 11:00am


Ferry Dusika-Hallenstadion
Engerthstraße 267-269
A-1020 Vienna (Map)

Pick-up of BIB

At the latest 60 min. before the individual event at the registration desk in the lobby of the Dusika-Stadium. All entry fees must be paid in cash at the same time.

Entry Fee

If properly registered by Thursday, January 31st, 2019 (10:00am): € 10,- per event. U18 category: €5,- per event. Please note: The entry fee has to be paid for all signed up events, whether you actually participate or not does not matter.

Personal Registration

Every athlete must personally register for his/her participation, at the latest 60min. before the individual event takes place. Please take care to inform our staff of all individual events you will be competing in, so they can tick you off! Sorry, also no late registrations! We have to seed the events, print and distribute the start list and also need the time.

Call room

The previously mentioned personal registration replaces the call room at our meeting. Please simply be at the start for your event, in time, once you have registered yourself! If you decide not to start, please inform our staff as early as possible.

Age groups

If not mentioned otherwise (e.g. U18) only one group will be scored.


If you rank 1st -3rd overall place in your event, you will get an award. Victory ceremonies are planned to be hosted immediately after the event, please stay put!


ALGE-timing photo finish, IAAF certified.

Warm-up areas

Sorry, no warm-up in the infield! You can use all other facilities and catacombs inside the stadium, as well as the outside.

Infield entry

For liability reasons, no one except active athletes (must wear their BIB!) and uniformed referees are allowed to enter the infield. There will be checks at all entries. Please do not step on the wood floor of the cycling drome, we have to pay for any damage! Also, no coaching from the infield!


Entry to the infield for press and professional photographers is only permitted with prior written confirmation from the organizer. An official media ID is required for accreditation. Please contact us until January, 31st , 2019 and we will happily provide you with further information.
-257D -12Hr -22Min -12Sec


Click here to download the 2019 timetable.
CAUTION: The timetable has been revised!!


Following events will be hosted in 2019:

60m, 60m Hurdles, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1.500m, Shot Put, Long Jump

To process and accept your entry, we need you to fulfil the following limits.
Please note:  all limits must have been performed before the Vienna Indoor Gala takes place. We accept performances from 2018 or 2019 but they need to be online verifiable. We are unable to accept PB’s that are from 2017 or earlier, sorry!

8,00 sec60m8,50 sec
9,50 sec
(16,30 sec/110Hu)
60 m Hu9,85 sec
(16,04 sec/100Hu)
25,00 sec200 m30,00 sec
53,00 sec400 m63,00 sec
2:12,00 min800 m2:34,00 min
4:30,00 min1.500 m5:30,00 min

U18 M/W:
60m, 60m Hurdles, 800m, Long Jump, Shot Put (M: 5kg, W: 3kg)



Go ahead and register right now!

Online registration is possible until Thursday, Jan. 31st, 2019, 10:00am.

Online registration is closed! Please note: we cannot accept any late entries or entries on race-day! Sorry!

Please click HERE to check the start lists

Only athletes shown on the start list are accepted and can start!

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